Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Fall (and a bit into Winter) 2016-2017 Plans (On and Off-Topic):

What was to be a detailed post, now will be rather abbreviated.

I have the 2015-2016 Albums Countdown, which the last date for a new release in-effect is Friday, and the biggest and possibly only notable album I have to be able to hear is Painted in Exile's debut record The Ordeal, which should hit my inbox on Friday 10/28.

Marillion in Chicago on Friday amongst the 10's if not 100's of thousands of Crazy Cubs and Indians fans.

Then the whole 10-year Anniversary happens in December, etc. MILESTONE of a kind of wasting my life away in this blog.

And I alluded to it once before, so I'll reiterate at least 1 of the plans is to write-up a FAQ of some kind.

I may actually get nostalgic and reference a few of the noteworthy and memorable entries and just the history of keeping this blog.

Otherwise, Fall into Winter, and the anticipation for 2016-2017 of course.


Definitely some videos coming soon. A Vinyl + collection update of course, which isn't huge at this point, but still includes some stuff.

Marillion: I may actually try and make an Album Review Series for them.
Kevin Gilbert: Ditto to Marillion.

And more of the Artist Review Series hopefully.

Wedding: for the most part is done. Just thank you notes and now organizing and selecting pics to share. But The Wife and I finally got to see them last night.

Car: I have a new one, the finances and other things are more or less in order. I just need to close out everything with the old one from 2001.

Living Arrangements: This is my next big Life Project of course. I am married and still have single residence, which my lease ends in June, so it likely be awhile. But that is something less timely right now as it will be through most of the 1st half of 2017.