Monday, November 18, 2013

The Reign of Kindo on NA Tour (with Indiegogo) with Jolly and Scale the Summit Nov 2013

11/18/13 9:30PM

Needle & Thread clip

I'm not sure if the setlist is identical to this, as there are a couple of setlists on without "Dust."

Feeling In The Night 
Thrill of the Fall 
Great Blue Sea 
Sing When No One's Around 
Romancing a Stranger 
Needle & Thread 
The Moments In Between 
October's Storm 
The Hero, The Saint, The Tyrant, & The Terrorist 
Just Wait 

Anyway, just thought I'd share what is a very extensive and detailed review of the show on Friday night in Cleveland at "Now That's Class."

The fan who wrote this I know via Mike Portnoy's forum, and he often speaks up about a lot of the bands I enjoy around those parts. 

It's too bad he didn't get to catch Scale the Summit, nor his impression of Jolly being incredible. But it did seem the venue may have played a part in that.

But I'm happy for him to see them, and hopefully I will have that chance in the near future as well. I suppose given I am at least getting to finally catch Miracles of Modern Science in Northfield on Wednesday, is a consolation for me as they are a band I do enjoy a lot, and have wanted to see live for awhile.

But also I've read some other reviews on from the tour and it sounds like TROK has impressed a lot of people, which seems like it could benefit them to touring more in the US in the future.

9/17/13 12:37AM

Even though I don't foresee being able catch a show on this tour, I hope others can still and get word about this campaign. Touring, especially for a band like them ain't cheap. Likely the biggest reason why they have not toured the States in 3 years (and this extensive?).

But hopefully this campaign will succeed and this will lead to many more tours that they won't have to find themselves struggling to pay for gas, staffing, etc.

9/9/13 11:44PM

11/2 Houston, TX - Fitzgeralds
11/3 Austin, TX - Red 7
11/5 Scottsdate, AZ - Pubrock
11/6 Los Angeles, CA - The Whisky A Go Go
11/7 San Francisco, CA - Thee Parkside
11/8 Portland, OR - Ash St. Saloon
11/9 Seattle, WA - Highline
11/11 Salt Lake City, UT - Shred Shed
11/12 Denver, CO - Marquis Theatre
11/13 Merriam, KS - Aftershock
11/14 Newport, KY - Southgate House
11/15 Cleveland, OH - TBD
11/16 Toronto, ON - Wreck Room
11/17 Montreal, QC - II Motore
11/18 Danbury, CT - Heirloom Arts Center
11/19 Boston, MA - Great Scott
11/20 New York, NY - Santos Party House
11/12 West Chester, PA - The Note
11/22 Norfolk, VA - The Iguana
11/23 Knoxville, TN - The Bowery
11/24 Nashville, TN - The End

I would love to go, but unfortunately it's not coming near me, and I'm already likely going to Milwaukee on 11/24 to see Michael Nesmith (budget).

The Reign of Kindo, as some have noticed, don't really tour all that much outside of their area (Northeast/New York/NYC?), save for Brazil a couple of times the last few years (I've wondered if some promoter down there is a big fan and has been able to front the $ for them). So to see them tour ANYWHERE actually is encouraging.

Optimisticallythey don't lose money from this tour, and also on this tour, TROK gain some good exposure to not only new fans, but promoters who know Scale the Summit, and they are able end up doing more touring of the States next year to support Play With Fire (even as a support on a tour like this again). 

If by some chance that happens, and if a tour date/dates even come to Chicago or Milwaukee, I can't see myself not going barring something like the May/June 2012 cluster-fuck of multiple out-of-town big event concerts in a short window of time that I don't have the budget for.

But I suppose at this point, I would be thankful if they were just able reprint their Self-Titled EP on cd at least.

The 3 bands together isn't incredibly surprising as I recall hearing about Chris Letchford of Scale the Summit being a fan of TROK, and Jolly? they've been a bit of a buzz band on the forums/blogs etc, for a few years now, opening for Flying Colors playing some of the prog festivals if I recall (and are playing Progressive Nation at Sea). But like TROK, they don't do a ton of touring of North America from memory, so this is a bit rare for them as well.