Saturday, June 16, 2012

Marillion: US Tour costs/concerns

This was posted a few days before the tour began on facebook:

We're leaving on Thursday for the tour and we're excited and nervous all at the same time! 10,000 of you have bought tickets so far and we're very grateful for that but, believe it or not, we need to sell more if we stand a chance of coming home with our shirts on our backs, so please keep spreading the word - oh and keep the sunshine waiting for us - we can't wait to escape the British 'Summer' rain!

I recall seeing it, but never got around to replying/passing it along. But 10,000 tickets sold and their still losing money? sounds a little odd, but as they explain in this video below from a couple of years ago; selling a fair amount (but not necessarily every single) ticket, can still put them in this position. And a totally understandable reason why they have not toured the US since 2004 (in full), and sadly, this may be their last time.

go to 1:49 to 6:06 in the video.

That being said, the tour isn't over yet.

Also the Fan Weekend that takes place, I imagine will continue to happen in North America, but given they are happy with holding them in Montreal, they don't seem to find trying to hold one in the US, like Chicago or Las Vegas instead something to consider.

I suppose among other things, that is 1 question to try and bring up to the band. Although I suppose even just Lucy Jordache would have a somewhat realistic explanation on why or what the chances of that happening down the road. But given next week I could/should have a chance to talk to them (and/or other fans who might know), it should be worth remembering to ask about next weekend in Chicago.