Thursday, September 23, 2010

The River Empires - TBA aka Volume 3 (2011) (1.0)

From their Facebook:
Thanks for all the support on our page guys and gals! Planning to track our new full length album in December, January and February

I'm not sure how excited I should get just yet, but the fact is, The S/T: Epilogue record from this year

a) really should have been released in 2009
b) was written, I imagine even before 2009. More in 2008 and earlier

so, the fact is, Jessy and possibly Josh Shroy and whoever else in effect have had 9+ months or more even to come up with new material for the next Volume. It's kind of the ole dredg and Kaddisfly situation.

Now, the other curiosity I have is, I'd assume it/this will be referring to Volume 3, but I'm not really certain if that refers to an expansion on the material starting at the beginning of Volume 1 specifically. It might, and if that's the case, this could be largely acoustic and instrumental record. But who knows.

I also suspect with work Jessy's done with the 1st film, some of the music tied-in and may have found it's way into form faster because as you brainstorm and create, it just seems logical.

so, but of course assuming it is the 3rd Volume and it's going to be tracked then, odds are it'll be released in 2011, possibly early, like by Summer or even late Spring. So, yeah 2011 is looking even greater and deeper. If I used a signature on this blog, I probably should have that in it.

Casey Crescenzo's role? I hope he is involved again, possibly even more. The Dear Hunter are pretty busy now (Colors Spectrum, Lifetime Memberships and Touring), although given he's on the West/Left Coast, perhaps working/traveling etc could be easier for him in a short-term thing. Also the fact Jessy just spent time in LA exploring what he could do for the films, it's possible Jessy spent some time in Casey's hometown or plans to soon as well along-with more work for the films in the Southern part of California.