Thursday, June 25, 2009

1AM Update...

I can't write even include a fraction of what I'd want to. Hence why this blog isn't updated like it should. Why Twitter is, but of course not many read my Twitter anyway due to not wanting and the fact it's private.

I got so many fucking albums to review, rate, rank. I can't. I can't even..don't even rather have the time to copy and paste all the brief reviews and comments I've made on

I'd like to BUY TIME. It should be able to be done, shouldn't it? But see, I'm not that disciplined..self-disciplined. I had 5 1/2 days off, and I only accomplished about 1/2 at most, of what I wanted to, and should have. Bought clothes, shoes of-which gave me a blister or something on my lower-right ankle today. Too long a story to explain. I dunno if I'll keep em, but also if I'll get over to Rosedale to exchange them anyway. The cackie pants I got also not exactly a slamdunk..but washing them may help. I swear tho, there's not a perfect fit, as -they-are-made-new for ME. I have a weird body/metalbolism..and need to start working out. Easier said than done.

King's X live review..hopefully soon. I never got to it tonight.

Got the new issue of "Prog"..$16..too high-priced..they need less content and more ads so the price is lower. Then after a couple years, try raising the price. The sucker will not be at B&N or Borders within a year if they continue to sell it for the price of a cd or some books.

Blech..but yeah, so go to my rym (SoundscapeMN is the profile) and somehow if I find the discipline, many of those albums can be blabbed about on this blog soon. Maybe a Midseason report will happen.

Movies too: yeah, so I mentioned seeing like 3 or 4 of them of late. I still have planned to see the likes of: "500 Days of Summer" "The Time Traveler's Wife" (youtube trailer insert here l8ter as I saw it just tonight. Thoughts: kinda meh, but I love the book too much to skip it) "Where the Wild Things Are" (looks surreal, Spike Jonze, and I had the book as a kid)..and some others like "Downloading Nancy" for example.

TV: Catching up on In Plain Sight and funny enough "Fringe"..I never should have stopped watching that show actually. Feels weird watching episodes from January now, lol. The weather then I'd take in a second over the sauna that is Minnesota (and most of the Northern Hemisphere I imagine) right now. Finished Dollhouse a few weeks ago..gonna hopefully finish Pushing Daisies, My Boys too, and then go on to The Unusuals and some others. Burn Notice and the new show "Royal Pains" I am very much into as well the past few weeks. USA Network, for whatever reason, keep scoring really high with me. It really is baffling considering how much garbage NBC airs too. Even the Jeff Goldblum "Law & Order: Criminal Intent"? ain't bad now with him and Julianne Nicholson. When in fact those 2 are on the episode that airs.

"Breaking Bad" is definitely a top 10 tv show for me. It was addicting. I should try and write more about it soon. I have yet to watch the 1st season too. I also want to seek out Malcolm in the Middle ironically. Frankie Muniz is kind of annoying, but Bryan Cranston is gold. His meltdowns get me every time.

Warehouse 13 on SKEFEE I will watch.

I'd like to watch Trueblood, but also would go for Anna Paquin to become a vampire at some point. But I haven't seen it. DVD's or Hulu maybe. I also mean to borrow or rent Weeds (being so into Breaking Bad among other reasons) and Big Love (I have always had a thing for Chloe Sevigny. Plus I think that is the show Nick Stahl is/was in).

Kiss Kiss mock-leaked their album yesterday. Haha..yeah, it was kind of funny for a minute. But their album "The Meek Shall Inherit What's Left" I better be able to hear around July 3rd-7th as I pre-ordered 2 copies. I'm almost if not more enthused about the show they are playing @ The Triplerock, of course opening, not headlining, for Fake Problems on July 12th. Nearly 3 years ago August 2006..Kaddisfly + 3 and them..should have happened. Hopefully that show will be worth the wait.

The Dear Hunter - Act III: Life and Death. I rated as 5-stars, but truthfully only heard the proper version yesterday for the 1st time. I may lower it, but I loathe those downraters on rateyourmusic. Realistically, maybe it finding it's way to rym's top 30 or 10 even was not there, but at least for now, I want to do all I can to help it. I think it's around 3.8 avg rating right now. It'll need a lot more 5-star ratings like mine to do so. But it sits at #6 right now on my personal list. After a few more listenings, I'm going to have a better idea if belongs up there with dredg and Umphrey's McGee or not. I have to say the last 3 tracks are ace no matter. The lines "but when we die, we die alone".."one of these days, he will learn to love of these days he will learn to love again"..."..sad..they seem to be wonderful to close the album. A great goosebump section. But TDH are opening for mewithoutYou who I don't imagine I'll be too up for watching @ Station 4 on Thursday July 2nd. My 4th TDH show, but none where they headlined. The dredg paralells seem to be happening in some ways. Act III might be there CWA in terms of interest too. So maybe Act IV will be their TPTPTD?..who knows. A dredg/tdh tour could happen. All depends on what dredg and Drew feel about how similar they are I guess. It would feel kind of like the Ours/dredg tour in some ways.

New bands: 100Ft Snowman, Fluid Ounces (RIP?), Age of Rockets (this band is really good!), note. (I bought their cd already!), The Kris Norris Projekt..more to add as people know..I have too many. Plus I haven't scanned the likes of alltimegreatest, indie passion, we fucking love music and some others much lately and should.

here's the CALENDAR
Mew, Mute Math, Muse, As Tall As Lions (yes, their new song rocks on their myspazz), Born of Osiris, Porcupine Tree, Orphaned Land, Andre Matos, Midlake, Between the Buried and Me, Pain of Salvation (now not on Progressive Nation 2009..all of the 30min set they won't be there to play), Local Natives, Oceansize (EP), Annuals, Water & Bodies, Jared Micah & Hats, Self, Transatlantic, Menomena ...

In Vain = 2010

okay, that's all I have time for tonight folks. I could mention..I am seriously thinking of doing a it that maybe. The microphone-to-speaker recording via Audacity (Picard..yes THE AUDACITY!)..I dunno. I have done them in the past, but I think, especially if I find a way to keep them like 30mins long or shorter, I could do them. Silly,..I know. Talking to myself, but Scarily, I actually enjoy hearing them myself, lol. And the web or I am lacking in more podcasts. I just need to find a way to play them at my office without having to pause them every 4mins due to all the talking nearby. Maybe Noise-canceling headphones solves that problem?

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