Friday, June 6, 2008

The Rocker


Caught this (and Iron Man) tonight despite the intermittent storms we had here in Minneapolis. The cast wasn't bad with besides Rain Wilson, Christina Applegate, Teddy Geiger (in a film he plays a musician he wasn't bad), Emma Stone, Jane Lynch, and even a bit part for Howard Hesseman. The other good things I can say about this was it did have some good lines and the story wasn't entirely boring. But, it very much seemed derived from a few things. For one, Wilson basically is channeling Jack Black. The writing and direction seemed almost borrowed from Judd Apatow, which kinda amazes me they managed to get a PG-13 rating. You see more than enough of Wilson's back-side that he could have been related to Jason Segel's character in the SARAH MARSHALL movie. The plot, while kinda different with the story being Wilson was a drummer for an 80's Hair Band who when they get signed have to dump him. And he's never gotten over it due their fame and fortune. He loses his job when his old band releases a new album and is going into the RnR Hall of Fame in his hometown of Cleveland (convenient of course). He then goes to his sister and learns his nephew is in a band and needs a drummer.

Ok for a parody flick, but somewhat mediocre for originality among other factors. But then again, I felt somewhat the same about SUPERBAD and many others loved that, so maybe this will turn out a lot better than my review suggests. I would say the best thing I've ever seen Rain Wilson do is still when he hosted the IFP Awards, so I suspect much like Jack Black, he can be good when given the writing and material to work with. Sadly, this one doesn't quite compare (or the fact he isn't even Jack Black, and this isn't even an Apatow movie anyway).

Also 2 things puzzled me in the credits in that I guess Pete Best makes a cameo as himself, but I must have missed that along with when they used the Mute Math song "Typical" which I noticed listed in the credits.

It hits theaters the 1st weekend of August.


IRON MAN btw, was pretty good. Action/Superhero flick. Downey had enough clever lines to keep it interesting. Not a film of the year candidate, but maybe a top 5 Multiplex Picture for 2008. Paltrow as a redhead was good eye candy..and a lot different than in "The Good Night."


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