Tuesday, April 29, 2008

King's X - XV

King's X - XV

strange title based on actual *releases* which include 1 Best Of and 1 commercially release double live record, and 1 online-only live album to come up to the 15th in their career's discography

best album since 2002's experimental classic "Manic Moonlight"..short diddies like ZZ Top did back in the 70's..Sam Taylor also worked with ZZ Top actually

Pray - heavy lead bassline..religious themed lyrics, great groove. "Don't forget to pray for me"..love the 3rd verses harmonies

Blue - sounds like a OGRE TONES track..which in a way makes it one of the weaker songs on the album..still it's not bad. Bluesy Ballad "yes it is" a classic dug soulful scream..slower song, and being the 2nd cut kinda kills momentum from the good energy of "Pray"

Repeating Myself..awesome harmonies..Ty sounds great..great vocalm harmonies..the vocal echoes work really well

Rocket Ship..great energy..'Would-you-like-to-spend-the-night-in-my-new-rocket-ship?"..line repeats..reminds me in that way of "A Box"

Julie - great melodic song..Jerry on vox sounds really good..his voice reminds me a bit of Roger Manning Jr from jellyfish..love the "doo doo doo doo doo doo doo doooooo" after the guitar solo..great power-poppy..sorta mystical

Alright..1st single I guess..another high energy track..like 'pray"..I love how Dug gets up in the vocals as the song progress..catchy guitar bridge..echoing vocals work really well

Broke..big guitar sound.."na na nahhh"..preachy.."put your hand on the record player and say I'm going to get my freedom"

I Just Want To Live - Ty sounds different on this song. I like the harmony vocals in the 2nd half. ...."it's a little bit scary but it's wonderful"..almost makes sense about the struggles of life.

Move - great groove..lead bass..the chorus rules.."i'm gonna move into the light...and spit out the disease...."..'Force ethical standards"..kinda political statement

I Don't Know - Ty song..the ending makes this one worth it..the guitar and vocal harmonies are great the last minute or so..reminds me of early, psychedelic KX.

- "Love. is on. the line."..lot of tracks as this one goes on...maybe just multiple guitars..more vocal harmonies and dug with his classic soulful chants

Go Tell Somebody - win win win..this track kicks ass..the basslines and the vocal echoes are all heavy and catchy..'if you like what you hear, then go tell somebody..go tell someone"..awesome groove in the rhythm.."shout it from the rooftops"

Love and Rockets (Hells Screaming)..continues the groovey mystical vibe on some other tracks earlier..along with the doubled vocal chorus..the guitar solo is so much about goosebumps..almost demonic at times the mood and vocals..the "love and rockets" chorus almost sounds like Faith No More

No Lie - bluesy..the guitar solo almost sounds like Brian May..'something's gotta hold..got ahold of me"..this sounds like a Southern Blues song..or Texas since they are from there and it's mentioned in the song.

It's found it's way to the 2nd spot on my 2008 albums list and a 4.5-star rating on rym..altho that is mainly due to the fact I give it a


it's a very strong 4-star or a slight reach at 9/10 so 8.5 feels right, at this point. In all likelihood will make my top 10, but who knows.


gary b said...


there's a real... 'swagger' to this record - the boys sound confident, relaxed, professional, like they had a good time on this record. no filler at all, imho, my least favourite track might be "no lie', cuz it's the goofiest. which isn't really a complaint at all.

'Go Tell Somebody' is gonna wear out my iTunes i've played it so much. awesome song. 'Rocket Ship' is great, great vocals on 'Julie', and i LOVE 'Love & Rockets' - dark and soulful and crunchy goodness. a lot like the track 'Smudge' on PCHMB, but more fully realized, and Doug's falsetto thru the latter 3rd of the song makes my hair stand on end. SO GOOD!

Trent said...
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Trent said...

Finally King's X capture that 'Zone' each track on this offering Rocks, is dark, beautiful , uplifting and strangely, contains a banquet of soul-food that somehow leads to a feeling of an expanded consciousness

It's weird to say that I realize... but it's just how it is. Those who know, know ;)

I just feel that the decision to par off the technical recording responsibility and producing to Micheal Wagner is going to clearly produce their best work.

There is not a fader or EQ out of place, nor any instrumentation that doesn't work directly for the spirit of each song, in fact it's hard to image theses songs recorded or mixed in any other way..You just get lost immediatly in these songs and go for the ride- King's X & Micheal Wagner?

Pure unmitigated Alchemy.