Saturday, September 1, 2018

Late of the Pier and Gospel

Late of the Pier earlier today came up on a topic on's Message Boards, and how their style/genre is referred to as "New Rave" or "Nu Rave" which is a tag I've honestly never heard of.

But I guess it's a label and style most often used to describe bands from the mid-late 2000's from the UK largely. The most successful of these bands is the band Klaxons.

I guess I never would have thought of Late of the Pier or any of the artists in this entry about "Indietronica" aka "21st Century Electronic Rock" with "Rave" House or Techno music really.

It's at least 2 degrees of separation in terms of emphasis. Rave music from my experience was purely dance music and had no "Rock" in it really. Although there is "Dance Rock" I suppose, but that also almost sounds like an Oxymoron.

But, I guess this entry isn't purely about this tag, but just thinking about Late of the Pier and another band Gospel, who while are not much alike other than I suppose the progressive tag might fit with both and both were active in the mid-late 2000's.

But both released excellent debut albums, which were the only albums they ever made. And then both recorded 1 final tune that is among if not the best tracks they ever did.

Late of the Pier debut album Fantasy Black Channel released in 2008. Than in 2010 they released a track titled "Blueberry" which was really addictive.

edit: now reviewing, they also released a song titled "Best in Class" which in trying to jog my memory and listening to it, I kind of do remember it as well. And it's maybe almost as good as "Blueberry."

Gospel, released their debut album The Moon is a Dead World in 2005. I didn't discover them maybe until 2010 though, which I don't remember if it was per their new single, or it was pure coincidence with some people on the forums talking about them, seeing them talking of a new album, etc on myspace.

But they released "Tango" in June of 2010 and I remember going apeshit for it. It was this amazing progressive rock epic with vintage synths and everything. Like Late of the Pier, it's almost like they took a lot of the best moments from The Moon is a Dead World and polished them and up-ed  their production and composition skills. I think it's like 9 or 10 minutes.

edit: no, 5:41, but it's totally "epic" like a song that is 9 or 10  minutes.

But then nothing. I forget, but they may have announced not that long after it was released, they broke up.

There's other artists like this..sort of they make a debut album, or maybe even 2 albums, then have a gap and record a single or ep that surpasses their previous work that is incredible. And it cries out to you as a fan, wanting more. But it never happens(ed).

Soundscape (it did)
Apes and Androids had the song "Endless Dream" which is a great tune, but I'd love to find it online (maybe on YouTube or Soundcloud somewhere? Vimeo maybe or even say Daily Motion or something like that. I know I have a poor rip of it on 1 of my old Hard Drives, but haven't listened to it maybe 2010 or 2011).
100Ft Snowman is another

I dunno, I think there are probably many cases of this, that maybe I'll continue to share and perhaps someone else will discover them. And who knows, maybe a reunion for some of these groups will happen again someday.

Late of the Pier sadly, lost their drummer, but I suppose it wouldn't eliminate a reunion. LA Priest music I do enjoy at least.